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Be Bold, Tell Your Story: Speak Life Forever

Speak Life Forever is a clothing brand founded in 2021 that seeks to spread positivity and hope through fashion. Our mission is to provide pieces that remind people of the power of words and how they can have a positive impact on our lives. 


We are inspired by our own personal story and believe that each of us has the ability to create the life we desire. Come and join us on our journey to spread love and positivity with every piece of clothing we make.


The 3 Strikes to Life symbol was born from my personal story. Diagnosed with a rare lung disease at the age of 3, an undiagnosed sickness at 15, and a cancerous tumor removal at 16, each strike represents a moment in my life where I almost struck out. The heart link through the strikes is a reminder that I lived through it. Although it represents my story, this symbol can be a testament to your personal story also. 

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